Legal To Smoke Electronic Cigarettes At Work?

With all the recent buzz about the Electronic Cigarette, many people are curious to know if it is legal to smoke inside public buildings or offices. People are still confused about the “No Second Hand Smoke”.

Well, as many of you know, there are many differences that separate a conventional tobacco cigarette from a E-Cigarette. The E-Cigarette is not lit by fire, there is no ash or burning substances of any kind. The E-Cigarette actually contains a nicotine liquid inside a plastic cartridge. This nicotine liquid, once heated by the micro heating element ( aka the “atomizer” ) is vaporized which creates the “smoke” that you see. This works just like a normal cigarette, once you inhale or puff, the atomizer heats the liquid and its vaporized. Since there is no tobacco or any of the 4,000+ chemicals that you would find in a tobacco cigarette, you have no smell with the Electronic Cigarette! The E-Cigarette is designed to simulate a real cigarette and should not be confused with a regular tobacco cig.

The E-Cigarette contains no tar, carbon monoxide, tobacco, or secondhand smoke. You also don’t have to deal with that lingering smoke smell. The E-Cigarette won’t smell up your clothes and it will not seep into your furniture. This vapor or steam is virtually odorless and vanishes within seconds.

Electronic Cigarettes have been around longer in the UK. The UK Smoking ban doesn’t apply to the use of E-Cigarettes. The Electronic Cigarette can be legally used inside ( In the UK ) any public place including leisure and hospitality establishments, places or work, offices and shops!

If your interested in the Electronic Cigarette, they can be purchased as a starter kit which includes everything you will need to test the E-Cigarette for a significant amount of time. You’ll get a charger, two lithium ion batteries, and generally 10 nicotine cartridges!

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