The E-Cigarette Is A Smokers DREAM!

Have you heard of the Electronic Cigarette? If not and you’re a smoker you’re seriously missing out! Even if you’re not a smoker, maybe you know someone that smokes. The Electronic Cigarette is an alternative to conventional smoking, It’s smoking, “modernized”! It looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette, but isn’t! It’s so much more! Using leading edge technology heats up nicotine infused liquid to create a vapor that is tobacco free, tar free, carbon monoxide free, and free from many of the other toxins found in the traditional cigarette. The vapor that is created is identical to real smoke, but it’s completely odorless! Meaning you’re still getting the nicotine you crave in a non-harmful manner to yourself and other around you! Smokers around the globe are making the switch to the Electronic Cigarette, and for good reason! The E-Cigarette literally gives you the best of both worlds!

How The Electronic Cigarette Works

The operation of an E-Cigarette can be broken down into these simple sections. The electronic cigarette has a rechargeable battery, an atomizer (better known as a Vaporizer), and a liquid filled cartridge filled with a nicotine solution. When all of these sections are combined they give the user an amazing smoking experience without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, butts, or smell that you would get with a conventional cigarette! There’s an LED at the end of every E-Cigarette which glows red with every puff mimicking a conventional cigarette. There’s no doubt, it looks as though you’re really “smoking”.

Should I Switch To The E-Cigarette

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

State by state smokers are beginning to see a disturbing trend, cigarette taxes are increasing dramatically, the cost of living is rising and smokers are seemingly being punished for taking part in something they enjoy. With the current financial situation we as a nation are in, it only makes sense to spend less on what you can, when you can. With cigarette prices reaching 8,9, and even 10 dollars around the states it is time to take a stand against these outrageous costs, the Electronic Cigarette is the solution. Although it may seem that a starter kit isn’t cheap it should be looked at as a small investment. Once purchased you have everything you need to take advantage of cheap refillable nicotine cartridges and e-liquid. Users will begin seeing a savings almost instantly. Typically a cartridge is equivalent to 12 cigarettes! Users will find that the savings are huge! The E-cigarette is also self sufficient, so this means you do not need any lighters, matches, or ashtrays – all which add up rather expensive over a period of time.

The Electronic Cigarette offers so many benefits you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. The E-Cig never has to be lit! This means you don’t have to worry about an ash tray, no more carrying around a lighter in your pocket, no more shuffling around stuff in your car to look for the last place you set your lighter down. You now have a smokeless cigarette that operates every time you take a puff!

Your hands, clothes, car, home, curtains, furniture, breath, will not smell like disgusting smoke at all! The Electronic Cigarette has no smell!

Think about your teeth and skin! Conventional cigarette’s turn your teeth yellow and increase how quickly your skin wrinkles.

With the E-Cigarette you no longer have to deal with the 4000+ harmful chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes. You are now smoking a vapor!

What’s In The E-Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette’s utilize a vaporizable nicotine liquid that we consider to be the leading edge of the smoking industry! We KNOW that it is going to benefit smokers all over the world! Simply put, this is a nicotine infused liquid that is located on the “Butt” of the E-Cigarette (we should mention that, nicotine, when taken alone is no more harmful than the caffiene in your coffee! It’s the 4000+ other chemicals in cigarette’s that make them so deadly!). This liquid comes in a variety of strengths! There’s even an option for different flavors.

The ingredients of the Electronic Cigarette liquid include: Distilled Water, Artificial Flavoring, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin. If Nicotine (High-16mg, Medium-12mg, Low-6mg, None-0mg). That’s It! Just imagine what that list would be if it were a conventional cigarette!

Frequently Asked Questions

“What Is An E-Cigarette Cartridge?”

The Electronic Cigarette cartridge is the part of the E-Cig that contains the nicotine liquid (Which is available in a variety of flavors and strengths). Majority of the Electronic Cigarette starter kits you’ll look at will have several cartridges that it comes with, so you won’t need to restock for quite some time.

“When Do I Replace My Cartridge?”

Depending on how much you use the Electronic Cigarette and how hard you puff on it, each cartridge should last anywhere from 20-40 cigarette’s!

“How Long Does The E-Cigarette Battery Last?”

Electronic Cigarette batteries are made of high-tech lithium-ion batteries. Depending on which kit or brand you opt to go with, you can typically last about 200-300 puffs before it will need to be charged. Generally, the starter kits will come with two batteries so you’ll have a backup when that first one runs out!

“What Are Personal Vaporizers?”

Personal Vaporizer’s are just another name for the Electronic Cigarette. Many people that have been using them for a long time call them this, as this is what they were mostly referred to when they were first released. Many people will refer to smoking their Electronic Cigarette as “Vaping”

“Will The E-Cigarette Help Me Quit Smoking?”

Simply put, Electronic Cigarette’s are supposed to be used as a “Smoking Substitute” and are classified as a smoking cessation product or a “help me quit smoking” type of product. They have not been tested as a smoking cessation item and should only be used as an alternative to smoking tobacco. We also recommend that Electronic Cigarettes should not be used by non smokers.

Ready To Try Your Own E-Cigarette

Awesome! We know first hand that you’re tired of smelling like smoke at the end of the day, tired of having to go outside in the rain just to take a puff, and tired of paying the high cost of tobacco cigarettes! We think the Electronic Cigarette is just the thing you’ve been looking for! Any of the latest E-Cigarettes can be used with real nicotine cartridges or cartridges with zero nicotine which leads us to believe that Electronic Cigarettes are the first step towards getting smokers away from harmful tobacco cigarettes, and saving smokers a lot of money!

Now is the time for you to give the Electronic Cigarette a puff and really see just how many benefits there are with this modern technological marvel!

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